…is going to be the name of my upcoming autobiography.  There’s going to be an entire chapter entitled, “My Master’s…How Did I Think I Was Going to Get That Finished?”  Sometime tonight, in between planning my classes for tomorrrow, getting lunch ready, marking, and putting my son to bed, I realized that I don’t really have a lot of time to work on my Master’s.  Sure, it’s only supposed to take 10 hours a week, but now that I am back at work, that seems to be about 9.5 hours too much.  And that 0.5 hour isn’t really going to produce award-winning material.

As a result, I am stressing out about the upcoming individual assignment.  It’s in part due to the time constraints my life keeps throwing at me, but it’s also due to the recent comments on our group projects.  I know that the criticism will help send me in the right direction, but there seems to be…well, so much of it.  I’m starting to wonder if I even have a grasp of the material at all.  So my mind isn’t exactly imbued with confidence at this point…

But my husband has offered to handle childcare duties all day Sunday, so it’s time to head to the local university, load up on Starbucks, and get to work!