I’ve been sweating bullets about our upcoming assignment.  I frantically skimmed the necessary chapters, and yesterday managed to work on the paper at three different Starbucks throughout the day in Banff and Calgary.  Today, my husband has assumed almost all childcare roles as I typed away at a frenetic pace.

At 8:01pm I submitted my assignment.


I didn’t realize it until I had submitted the assignment.  I actually had seven more glorious days to work on that paper.

[insert a string of expletives here.]

Which would have helped, as I was having trouble in a few areas.  I selected to plan for the upcoming e-learning centre at our school.  Course content was easy, as it is mandated by Alberta Education.  Course delivery?  That’s another kettle of fish.  I had trouble coming to grips with the prioritizing of ideas section, as the idea for the program was already set.  I opted to discuss how to prioritize ideas about course delivery, but I think it came out sounding a bit feeble.

And 1500 words, including references?  I had just started to talk about the Bates and Poole Sections model at 1437 words.  So I had to cut out some earlier work, and cram Bates and Poole into 150 words. And write the world’s shortest summary.

But, after I picked myself up off the floor, I realized that I had actually given myself a bit of a Master’s vacation for this upcoming week.  And yes, my paper is far from perfect, but it’s done.  I checked my “statement of grades” and realized our marks for 501 ad 503 are there, and that cheered me up considerably.

So good luck to the rest of you.  Yes, I am done early, but it was entirely by screw-up.  It’s becoming a bit of a pattern, actually…