I’ll admit it.  I’m starting this course over a week late.  Sometimes, life and bloody cold weather just get in the way, and before you know it, your curled up in bed with the 2 year old in an effort to stay warm.

But after the boy finally went to sleep tonight, I broke out our new textbook and read Chapter One.  And fell in love.  I’ll admit that Instructional Design (ID) was new to me, but already I am a huge fan.

But there is a problem.  As I read the chapter and learned more about the steps to the instructional design process, I realized that I have not AT ALL been loyal to that process.  Reading the words, “the designer focuses on the individual learner and what the learner must master to alleviate a problem rather than focusing on what content to cover” was like a giant whallop to my stomach.  Because that is the total opposite of what I do.  I am a content-addict.  I scan the curriculum for the key content, and then design my course around that content.  I  have to admit – my students perform well on tests.  But not spectacular, and I’ve often wondered why not.  Maybe the answer lies in this book.  I need to look at my students as learners, and try to design the instruction to fit where they are, and who they are.  I need to look at the educational problem, and work on developing strategies that will allow the students to acquire the skills to solve that problem.

I will also admit that I picked up our LRNT 504 textbook without much enthusiasm this evening.  But by page 4, I was hooked.  I can’t wait to learn more!