LRNT 505 is nearing its end, and the final assignment is due tomorrow. I think it has been an interesting course – different, but good. The ability to test drive your newly learned ideas within the course was something I really enjoyed. Mind you, seven weeks of seminars left me a bit cross-eyed!

But before that course ended, a new one began – INDS510. So I spent one week trying to jump between the two, but failing miserably.

But this is the start of my next adventure – the thesis (cue imposing music).

And I’m a little worried. Did I really sign up for this? Yes, I did. The major appeal is that I will now have a year to really focus on an area of interest. And I don’t mind writing, as this blog should attest to. But a thesis is definitely a step up from what I am used to. Sure, I did an undergraduate thesis for my Honours degree, but that was only a wimpy 85 pages on agrarian political movements in the American midwest in the 1860’s… this new thesis is definitely a whole new kettle of fish!

And I hope it’s not too smelly…