November 2011

I really hope this works…

Presentation – click here


This morning I gave a nerve wracking presentation at the aforementioned conference for Mount Royal University. I am truly impressed that Mount Royal devotes so much time and effort into developing collaborative teaching and learning scholarship, but I admit I was nervous to be presenting among such esteemed colleagues.

I had worked on my presentation for over a week, often while “Cars 2” played in the background. Life with a three year old is nothing if not interesting. And I continued to work on it long after I had returned to my hotel room…

But I am happy to say the presentation went well. Very well, in fact. That is largely due to an amazing and supportive audience, who were cheering me on the entire hour. Better still, I was able to make some great contacts, including individuals who were willing to help me push some boundaries at my current position.

I walked to Starbucks after my presentation and the Remembrance Day ceremony, practically floating on air. Did this mean I was officially an academic?

Possibly. But I think I need to finish the thesis first!