You’ve always been here. Reliable. Dependable. It’s me who vanishes for long periods of time. I know…it’s inexcusable, really.

But I have a reason! It’s my job, dear blog. It has this habit of taking over my life, especially in the spring. Even though classes ended last week, students are dropping by, hopeful that I will take in the assignment that is already two months late. I always do. I still remember the Social Studies teacher who took in the current events assignment that was late. Perhaps I am paying it forward

And this has been a tough semester. I am teaching three new classes that are completely foreign to me: Sociology, Psychology and Legal Studies. Fantastic courses, but I spent every night planning for the next day’s lesson. As a result, there was not a lot of long-term planning, and there was very little technology usage. Oh sure, the students used their phones. For SnapChat. Or something equally as ridiculous. I found myself cursing smart phones.

Which is a bit ridiculous. After all, I wrote a Master’s thesis on using cell phones in the classroom! So near the end of classes, I asked the students to take out their phones (most students already had them on their desk). There was a look of surprise, as most teachers would prefer not too see them. I asked them to text what was the one thing they will remember from our class. I used polleverywhere, and it didn’t take long before the responses were coming in. Once I shut down the poll, I copied the responses into Wordle, which creates a word cloud. The more popular words show up larger, so you can see in an instant what the most popular responses were.

So now I have the summer to try and plan! Wish me luck!