Clearly, this is not the site where I usually post assignments! No, it is where I wax poetic on education and technology. But, because I am as slow as molasses getting d2l up and running, I needed to find somewhere to give you a link to a website. And having you copy the URL seems so…well, so 2005. Total old school.

So your assignment today is to pick five events that happened during the time after the end of WWI, but before the beginning of WWII. A lot of stuff was happening! Stock market crashes, the Great Depression, problems in Spain, the list is impressive. And this site gives you fantastic details about everything!

So your job is to pick 5 EVENTS from the timeline, and make your own PowerPoint or Prezi. Pick 3 pretty main and important ones, and then two pretty obscure ones. What is not acceptable is to copy and paste. I’m looking at the same timeline as you, and if I see someone being lazy and using copy and paste, heads will roll. Or people will fail. Definitely one of the two. And some things are missing from the timeline. The roaring 20’s? The Spanish Civil War? Pole sitting? (No really. It was a thing.) Those definitely fall into the “obscure” category.

Does it need to be snazzy? Not at first. You need to do some reading (most of the timeline has links to more information) and some searching – Google is your best friend right now! Try to find information that most other students will not, and make sure you are clear in your description. Perhaps it could be a contest: who found the most accurate and complete information?

Tomorrow we can spend time making them look stellar. Backgrounds, theme music, pictures. Then perhaps we can hold a contest – who did the best job? I’ve got a lot of Halloween candy! (No really. I went a little overboard)

Flapperdancing Flappers? Why not?