This blog tracks my foray into a Masters in Learning and Technology.  For me, its a way to express some of my inspirations, frustrations, “aha” moments, and reactions to what I am reading and experiencing.  I called this blog, “Plugged In, Tuned Out” because I feel that’s how today’s students are seeing the world.  They are indeed plugged in to their beloved technologies, and are finding that traditional methods of curriculum delivery are not meeting their needs or wants.  And frankly, I agree.  So I embarked on this learning journey to find a way to better connect with these 21st Century learners.  Is online learning the answer?  Or other new technologies?  Is there a technological panacea out there?  Or is the light at the end of the tunnel STILL a train?

This picture was taken by my students using my MacBook.  I was in the washroom at the time.  Just goes to show that drinking coffee while teaching is clearly a tactical error…


One Response to “About”

  1. allisonhone Says:

    Does it bother anyone else that the middle frame at the back is crooked?

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